1. One of the main disadvantages of current area development is a strong dispersion of constructed structure, mostly without a plan, or any idea. This project claims that the future plan should clearly determine density zones of construction, which, by its strong contrasts, will contribute to the establishment of the clear place character. In addition, this intervention is concerned with the concentration of superstructure, leaving the natural environment intact, or with minimal changes. Concentration does not mean the super positioning of contents and purpose, but the formation of zones in which certain functions prevail. Middle zone, now playing the role of the center, should have the highest density of contents, while north is the territory of low construction intensity, with different character than it was until now. Grouping of units should be closer to the row housing, as a linear type category. This organization leaves more  free ground surface in the building area, also letting the recreation territory intact, with the acceptable level of economic cost-efficiency.

2. Development of the settlement implies a long process that is not easy to plan, due to the frequent and substantial changes of conditions. In a situation, when the plan ability is under question mark, this project establishes a network of generative points, which will ensure the presence of its later development. The position choice of these points is very important, as well as in terms of contents. It is also the question of formation of strong place physiognomy, and creating a critical mass of events, that will attract users and influence their behavior (holiday atmosphere). In this case, it is necessary to create conditions that certain point obtain the landmark character in the physical and social milieu.

3. Concept is based on the exploitation of unused potential of the commenced projects, unfinished or overcome. In the first place, it’s the road network - vehicle and pedestrian, and their connecting in continual flows. In the same time, there is a series of existing buildings, resorts and hotels, a few of large capacity, which should be fitting in the new context of higher level, and could function without major interventions. The approach like this respects the efforts of former generations and trying to revaluate, not by brutal change, but by gentle adjustments.Total floor area, designed by this project is about 18000 sqm.

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac, Aleksandar Tomić, Stephano Paillocher
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