... report from the text of the jury: ................."This competition proposal is distinguished from others by its contemplative base. Starting from general recognition of the place as the category of space, to the individual search, it refracts through  the solution of many topics, aimed at users. Quality set of elements motivating the movement, rest, shopping, retention, update the utility and space providing new values of the central functions. Wealth of the designed area, is further explored by introduction of the light trajectory, considering the light as an element of composition - a reflection that in the conceptual sense of significant value. In that way, the architecture, as a physical space,  is located within a tradition of open public spaces, which is facing the modern man and materials which are obtained the new / old qualities. Architectural language carefully chooses words and codes according to the plateau of the existing Main Square. Geometry and proportion of total volume affirm a clear but subtle forms of geometry, enlarging the imagination by relation of full and empty. Work has resolved the whole feature and task set, correctly and without inconsistencies as the demodulations of existing content in the functional sense, and exceeds the basic form for storage, giving suggestions for modern multifunctional center. Work is highly rated, but has opened significant dispute, and its value is directed towards the future."

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac, Aleksandar Tomić
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