Lower areas of three faculty buildings are facing the city, thus supporting the idea of democracy in the new urban territory, and its contemplative character, dedicated to all citizens. It’s neutrality and peacefulness, is a continuation of rectangularity of the surrounding city blocks. The first plan is actually porous, letting street flows to the top of the square. Firmer but restless, the second plan is based on the shape and movement of natural terrain. The location of Accommodation center for students corresponds to this configuration, including some degree of intimacy required, along with the dominant position in the composition, which allows views towards the city and a new complex of the University of Arts. In addition, the dispositions of contents is based on their high degree of influence by technological factors. In that sense, all elements are relied on the technical space below the upper square, equipped with traffic and other solutions. It enables the development of everyday life and work in two parallel cycles of which one is transparent, and the other one is less visible, because of the invasive activities, such as preparation of materials, as well as evacuation of waste etc.
So, in the spatial composition as such, one can recognize several characteristic points and moves which should provide strong physiognomy. In addition, the monumentality, as a positive pretension to our own maximum, it is quite natural in such situations, making community possible to express their cultural position.

The total usable area of the complex is about 18,000 sqm.

coauthors - Aleksandar Tomić, Dušan Stojanović, Mladen Krekić

professional consultants - Tatjana Jankovic Nedelkov, painter; Jovan Babic, sculptor

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