The site/block is divided in zones according to the nature, hierarchy and relationships of various spatial contents. Accepting the open block space system of New Belgrade as an important urban heritage, the new scheme continues the tradition by using it`s postulate, anchored by the existing building of Drama Faculty.

Facilities of the Centre for Promotion of Science acts as the interface, where pubic and spatial contents meet. The shape of the building inspires popular associations of contemporary science and technology. Basic element of the building is the roof plane, that, dominant in the architectural composition, defines interior space and highlights its relationship with the exterior. At the same time, the roof shell structure with two lateral cores remains the only supporting structure, overcoming the distance of 112m in single span.

All elements of the building’s spatial structure establish a chain of sequences, a continuous flow that gives the visitor a series of ambiental impressions that are shifting. The interior space, reserved for public use is flexible, no fixed partitions, open to different patterns of organization and zoning. Visitors access is organized via the main staircase which, together with a porch, forms a continuation of the park.

coauthor - Aleksandar Tomić
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