At the international competition involved more than fifty competitors from several European countries. Therefore, AGM, together with co-authors and consultants from the Bureau BEGING Ltd. and TERMOBIRO Ltd. in Belgrade, consider a third place as a great success.

In our opinion, this object should be a statement of values in today's architecture and therefore, ultimately an expression of social values of the community. All of these messages are communicated by the content, spatial structure, form, materialization and the architecture of the Central Bank.

Complementarity of new content in relation to the environment, has its direct and indirect way; the indirect effect is achieved by socio culturological importance of the institution, significantly affecting the life of every individual in the community, while the immediate impact is considered as an each individual ability to formulate a personal opinion, built through direct, own experience.

In this regard, architectural expression has its dual encoding, both introvert and transparent, looking for an optimal relation between closeness, as an essential feature of banking, and openness as a pervasive tendency to the urban space democrasy.

coauthors - A. Tomić, D.Stojanovic, S.Derajic, I.Urban, B.Sevo, M.Derajic

consultants - S.Derajic, Z.Maric, P.Marinkovic

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