NIN – br. 3080 - 7. januar 2010



In the year of great economic crisis occurred is a paradox that in our country appears a number, and size and quality of significant architectural achievements. It is, however, about the paradox only at first glance, because these objects result zamašnog investment wave has engulfed our construction in the past few years. The crisis is, unfortunately, had acute effect of stopping work on a number of buildings, so let's hope that next year will mark reactivate abandoned and the opening of new site

The abundance of attractive sports arena built around the world and generously accompanied by publicity is hard to find a solution that, with targeted efficiency, honor, and formed the original expression. The authors of the new hall to Zrenjanin is in good measure succeeded. In their dedicated delotvornoj arena for 2600 to 2800 spectators were successfully merged the two design approaches - Minimalism in external modeling and, tentatively, maksimalizam in the internal structure. Transparent glass facade layer gave a simple cube with great visual lightness allowing to perceive the external dynamic combination of internal content, and to look inside the interior spread wide environment


Milorad H. Jevtić


NIN – no. 3080 - 7. january 2010.

video sports hall




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