21. december 2009. - Belgrade


Jury of Ranko Radovic realized in architectural work has decided to award the work carried out architectural award: Split Đulincu, architect Borislav Petrovic, architect, Ivan Raskovic, architect, Aleksandar Tomic, architect and hope Jelic, architect (AGM Belgrade-SM Engineering Zrenjanin) for building a new sports hall in Zrenjanin, 2009.

Awards ceremony will be held on Monday, 21 XII 2009th in 13:00 in the small hall of the Foundation of Ilija Milosavljevic Hall, Studentski trg No. 5 in Belgrade. Participants of the competition will be presented at a joint exhibition of all submitted papers that will be opened in the Foundation of Ilija Milosavljevic Hall (Music Gallery) on the 21st day of the award Awards XII 2009th The exhibition will last one week. During January and February 2010th The exhibition will be held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

...video at award

...sports hall zrenjanin

...video about sports hall

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