The context is emerging urban area, whose future existence one must anticipate, understand and draw.

Vertical regulation is very jagged and low-pitched. New facilities should be structured in a smooth and balanced way, therefore establishing a new order by its presence. For this role it is essential that the volume of the object is calm and relatively simple.

Despite its regularity and tranquility, the aim of this project is also to find a convincing overall expression - striking figuration that could be easily recognized and accepted as a new urban scene.

Building as a whole is characterized by a central atrium which, by its shape and the overall atmosphere, aims to bring a new level of everyday experience, thanks to light penetration and strong relations with the outside space.

It is all about trying to significantly improve this part of the city by taking up the level of use and visual qualities, despite all limits, making a step toward urban image - currently missing in this area.

coauthor - Aleksandar Tomić

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