As a general tendency in the behavior of users, one can be distinguish the need for more rooms of equal size, instead of the previous suggestions for the minimum limited spatial units, as well as maximum floor area of  the whole apartment. Former tendencies, on the level of regulations, encouraged the formation of the wide central space, with minimal auxiliary surfaces. In a situation of two or even three generations living in a same flat, this proportion is not the best solution. It is indisputable that a community as such always tends to the formation of number of more intimate little spaces within group. Unfortunately, the limiting factor is the price of total floor area. Recommendations for which this proposal argues is related, therefore, for the redefinition of social dwelling, which seeks to achieve a compromise between the existing and paradigmatic forms of conduct, establishing minimum acceptable criteria. This specifically means deviation from the standards fallowing the objective needs of multigenerational family for multiple centers, having relative autonomy, within dwelling unit.

The total area is about 1800 sqm, and includes 24 apartments on one site, and 10 apartments on the second location in Valjevo.

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac, Aleksandar Tomić

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