Despite its relative simplicity, the new buildings should significantly improve the context, thanks to its interesting and a bit unexpected configuration.

Since the position of new facilities is very exposed, new conceptions of the structure deals with the issue of form, that is equally good reviews from all sides, including from above, or from distant points of view. With the inevitable elaboration of proportions, this demanding exposure brings a certain degree in architecture sculpturness of  primary volume. It can be said that the problem is quite complex, considering the purpose and character.

On the other hand, there is economic aspect, in the first place. In addition to the use of only one typical facade opening, as well as usual and chip materials, elements of the economic imperatives are the very essence - the way of grouping the apartments. It is a combination of open and closed type of gallery dwelling.

Also, the advantage of this disposition is in the fact that units are compatible in a variety of sizes, and thus easily variable, both in terms of merging - attrition, so the adjustment needs of users.

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac, Aleksandar Tomić

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