This project searches out new identity of the site - Fox Creek, which, by its suggestiveness, should focus further development of the environment. Persuasiveness of the composition physionomy and new space, should provide satisfaction and dignity for everyday users in the future; at the same time reflecting on the economic indicators, in terms of increasing the total value of projects during the period of exploitation.

The main quality of project is the default geometry that generates a recognizable forms, yet with a changed meaning. Simple and perceptible moves are talking about elegance and refinement of exclusive housing. Flexible connection between vertical and horizontal elements of the structure allow inclusion of external space and the interior.

1st location

Three existing cadastral parcels are divided into a six approximately equal parts for six family row-houses.

2nd location

Five existing cadastral plots are preconfigured for four approximately equal parts to the pitch for four dwelling objects.

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac, Aleksandar Tomić

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