The morphology of the terrain, the required content, and size of available land have influenced the distribution and disposition of content in the three lobes, connected with transparent interlinks. The focal point of the new stucture becomes the accession square - on the contact zone with the existing King's Square Center, which gets its counterpart, suggesting the creation of a series of spatial points on the line between the Palisade hotel to the wider project Obudovica.

Assembly of the shoping center, complemented by mediateque, guides visitors to the key points of complex, creating new dynamic atmosphere and intensifying the activities of users. Serbian cafe tradition as a place of socialization is evoked by grouping catering facilities within the mall. A special motif in the enterance area is a campfire, holographic projection which complements the desired character of the area, and form an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth. Open space rink improves the programatic sequence of new center, serving for recreation in the winter, and as a visual motif - mountain eyes, during the summer months.

Mixing the postulates of tradition and modernist innovation imperative here gives a specific result; used spatial language combines the motives of the regional heritage with the functionalist visual motifs, including current issues of energetic efficiency. The roof motif here becomes the dominant in architectural composition, establishing itself as a hinge of visual expression, also functioning as a kind of metaphor of mountain relief of this region.

coauthor - Aleksandar Tomić
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