12.march 2010. - Beograd

Imagination erected buildings

The best architectural work carried out last year's new sports hall in Zrenjanin, the work of architects Marjan Đulinac, Borislav Petrovic, Ivan Raskovic, Tomic Aleksandra and Nada Jelic - decided on Thursday of the Jury of the architecture of the company "News."

The opinion states that the sports hall in Zrenjanin is, in technical-technological sense, it is worth distignuće. The building is a simple form, almost minimalist, with pronounced architectural elements. The interior is simple and elegant with excellent use of colors and materials. Building brings higher standards for sports activities - the building is completely unpretentious and convincing!

At the author's competition "News" arrived a total of 121 work, and 15 realized buildings and 106 students' projects.

Completed buildings are high quality, and judging by the works received in the competition, in Serbia during the last year built not only residential, but also sports and recreational facilities. Curiosity is the construction of

- Buried with the technology we have selected the finalists of the two students that are feeling the sensibility of the head and hands and we just wanted them to worship - said the academician Dam Mitrovic, President of the Jury for the architecture of the company "News."

The exhibition and award-winning works that have been found in the finalists for the awards to the authors contest the Company "News" will be opened at 18 o'clock 25th March in "Ozone."

Despite the crisis

- I am especially pleased that we received the award for architecture "News" that continues the tradition of decades, "Borba" awards - because she has just been and remains a symbol of status, points awarded architect Borislav Petrovic.

According to him today is hard to be an architect with good results in Serbia. Socio-economic situation does not recognize the value of this art, but only the interest of investors.

The jury of "news" for the architecture consists of an architect Branislav Mitrovic, corresponding member of SASA, Dr Alexander Kadijevic, architect Slobodan Maldini, Vesna Cagić architect-architect Ksenija Milosevic and Bulatovic, last year's award-winning "News" and Manojlo Vukotic, managing director and chief editor News. "

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